Cold Pressed Juicing Process

Cold-pressed is the process of using hydraulic pressure to extract juice from the pulp of organic fruits and vegetables. This pressure squeezes out every last drop of liquid, leaving behind a pulp that is practically dry. The process preserves the vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes by the elimination of heat, which minimizes oxidation and allows our raw living juice to stay good for up to 72 hours. Pure Life Juice Company proudly uses the cold pressed juicing method for every product we sell. We believe our raw nutrient rich unpasteurized juice is unmatched for flavor a vibrancy.

High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal pasteurization process that allows the development of juices with fresh-like quality and nutrition, while extending the shelf life of the product. HPP is a process that reduces the level of potential pathogens that remain in the juice directly from the produce in its original pre-juiced form. HPP also dramatically increases the “shelf-life” making the juice stable and easier to transport, hold, store, and sell in stores. HPP is an FDA accepted method similar-to-heat-pasteurization allowed for juice manufacturing for wholesale. HPP juice has an extended shelf life by as much as 10 times longer and should not be considered as fresh as something not treated.

Traditional Juicers

Traditional juicers use a fast spinning metal blade that uses centrifugal force that push the fruit and vegetables through a mesh filter which separates juice from pulp. The metal blades heat up the juice, also force in air which oxidizes nutrients, and destroys most of the vitamins and minerals, creating a less nutritious product. Most centrifugal juice should be consumed within 30 minutes.